About Us

About the Foundation

The Pasco Education Foundation (PEF) is a non-profit corporation established in 2006. The Pasco Education raises money to support the students, staff and schools in the Pasco School District.


The PEF Board has set bold financial goals to support a standard of excellence for Pasco School District students.  Annual distribution of Foundation funds are awarded through scholarships, and mini classroom grants. Since 2007, the Pasco Education Foundation has provided over $560,000 in college scholarships to exceptional Pasco High, Chiawana High and New Horizon students. In 2019 along with committed partners, like yourselves we gave away $51,000 in scholarships. And our fundraising efforts have grossed over $80,000

What We Do

Our organization is administered by a board of directors, which is responsible for planning, fund-raising, resource allocation and scheduling of PEF events. Currently it focuses on three primary activity areas:

Provision of college scholarships for graduating high school seniors. At present we award between 40 and 50 scholarships annually to students whose applications are chosen a a competitive basis.

Provision of mini-grants to classroom teachers for innovative educational projects.

Recognition of Pasco School District faculty, administrators and staff through special appreciation events.

Who We Are

The Pasco Education Foundation (PEF) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for Pasco School District students and graduates. It’s intent is to maximize the educational experience for students within the Pasco School District and to encourage graduating students to pursue goals in higher education. Our objective is to ensure that Pasco’s students succeed as adults and contribute positively to our future local and global communities.

In Addition

In addition to scholarship funds, and grants awarded to PSD staff we strive to partner with schools in individual and innovative ways. Some examples of our partnerships over the last 5 years are:

Help to fund the accelerated reading program at Edwin Markham.

Table sponsorship for the FFA advisors and students to attend the Mid-Columbia Ag Hall of Fame.

Provide mini grants to both PHS and CHS music booster clubs.

Financial Goal Excellence

Supporting a standard of excellence for Pasco School District Students.


Collage Scholarships


Additional Scholarships with Committed Partners


Fundraising Efforts